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Analysis of Chinese passenger elevator industry problems

Release date:2015-08-17 Source: Click:

Development of a passenger elevator industry, and economic development and the development of the national real estate market has a close relationship after the reform and opening up, Chinese brand lift productivity to achieve a hundredfold now increase, the supply has reached five times the growth. Today, China has become the world's first production and marketing power lift.

But in the development of China's elevator industry, there are still serious problems, first, the management issues - trade associations. Industry associations are key management, but over the years did not take the initiative to guide the elevator industry to China to develop the creation of innovative companies do not give the support and care, and association members to trust only the most fawning foreign brands and technology.

Second, the regulatory bodies. Although regulatory reform, but only in theory that regulatory supervision, although the need for two-way security system, in fact, has not strictly enforced in GB7588-2003 national standard, which has a relationship with the management of the relaxation test specification. The management is doing the article from the threshold of enterprises, but they ignore the need to give support innovation.

Thirdly, there is an elevator in the industry itself is the problem. In the old enterprise development, the current focus of attention too little investment in R & D, so there are some small enterprises in the imitation stage. And China's elevator industry companies, those companies only out before they get to the development of generic, innovative business development will be faster.

Fourth, the elevator installation maintenance of a serious shortage of power. Currently lift annual growth 50-60 million units, according to the development of the 2-3 million to maintenance team, and installation personnel necessary to increase each year about one million people each year, the total annual increase in maintenance that is installed in three to four million people, while the actual 2014 new installation Maintenance personnel no more than 10,000, installation and maintenance personnel at the end of 2014, the gap reached 50,000. Therefore, not enough supervision and guidance, resulting in a elevator installation Maintenance staff shortage, thus affecting the quality and safety of operation of the lift.

Fifth, the elevator industry, lack of professional training. At present the elevator has reached more than half a million production and sales, but now with only a lift Suzhou, a professional college. A variety of reasons, one is the lack of elevator professional teachers, and second, the elevator company's technical staff is no good level of competence to those teachers.

Sixth, the financial capital of the elevator industry paid insufficient attention, especially VC and PE are on the elevator industry strange, but no VC capital into the elevator industry, which can not raise the level of development and technological level of domestic SMEs.

For the development of the industry, we must take an objective analysis, must identify the problem so that we can solve problems and get development. But the elevator industry executives and companies are difficult to objectively analyze the current business situation and face the problem to solve. It takes years or even ten years to go before they can be gradually resolved, but which company will be the first to get resolved before development. The Chinese brand lift really big country from the elevator to the elevator power, from the elevator Chinese manufacturing to China to create lift, departments need to adjust thinking, support the development of this industry....

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