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Passenger Elevator

 Fast passenger elevator familiar concept of environmental protection, energy saving, saving floor space, improve design freedom, fully embodies the green humanities. Fast passenger elevators with energy-efficient as the premise is simple, finger touch, a flash security smooth arrival; car decoration nice, install energy-efficient lighting, giving users the most comfortable ride experience.

Fast products are widely used industry-leading technologies, such as: synchronous permanent magnet (PM) gearless traction technology, dedicated VVVF (VVVF) control technology, intelligent door technology, artificial intelligence (AI) group control management technology, variable-speed elevator technology. Fast passenger elevator variety, complete specifications, including the engine room, a small room and no room elevators. Including low- ladder, medium-speed and high-speed ladder ladder.

FAST small room elevators, fast product system of quality work. Permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive, ensure safe and reliable operation, lower noise, better performance, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. FAST small room elevators small room layout in a compact way, reduce the top space, minimizing the construction costs.

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