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Passenger elevator accidents still originate from the dereliction of duty of the quality supervision department
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Passenger elevator accidents have recently appeared in many newspapers and magazines. The elevator rate in large cities is very high, so it is a high incidence of elevator accidents. Earlier, there was an accident in the Beijing subway elevator, and there were reports of casualties. Other cities had news about elevator safety every other day, and it was a worry. According to data from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, in 2010, the accident rate of elevators in China was 0.26, and the number of deaths per 10,000 units was 0.17. For China, which already has 1.268 million elevators, the elevator accident seems to be very far away from the users, but In the past July, the "Elevator Evil Event" was frequently staged everywhere, and the safety of elevators became a topic of constant discussion.

The same data from the quality supervision department: By the end of 2010, the total number of elevators in use in the country has reached 1.628 million units, the number of possessions and annual growth are the highest in the world, and the growth rate is about 20% per year. This means that the number of new elevators added each year is more than 300,000 units, which accounts for more than half of the total number of new elevators in the world each year. Since 2005, there have been about 40 elevator accidents per year in China, and the number of deaths is about 30. The icy figure does not mean that the accident rate is low, but what kind of enlightenment does this blood lesson give us?

First of all, ask the elevator manufacturer, is the quality of the elevator passing? For elevator brands such as Otis, which are well-known and have many customers, the same brand frequently fails, which means that there are already hidden dangers. Why can't it be detected and rectified? Can the elevator industry leave the elevators on the side without a product recall system? After the Beijing subway injury incident, after the preliminary investigation, the direct cause of the accident was “the damage of the fixed parts, the displacement of the escalator drive main unit, causing the drive chain to fall off and the escalator to slide down.” In this case, the Otis elevator is undoubtedly present in design. The defects should be re-examined on relevant issues nationwide. The safety and quality problems of elevators are not in the mouth. They must be implemented from the details, from design and manufacture to commissioning, including production, sales, installation, use, maintenance, transformation and inspection. Once a problem occurs in a certain link, It will affect the safety of the elevator, and the safety is the life.

Secondly, as the supervision department of elevator quality, have you done your due diligence? The function of responsibility cannot be placed on the safe sweeping after each accident. It is difficult for a vigorous sports law enforcement to play its due role in the elevator industry. Nowadays, the number of elevators is increasing year by year. If there is no long-term management and supervision mechanism, the safety factor will be greatly reduced, and it is expected to curb more accidents through special inspections, or temporarily call a certain type of elevator of a certain brand. Stop, this obviously does not help. To take a step back, the elevator is not qualified, is there a quality control that has passed the certification? Why do some elevators dare to affix "exempt products"? According to the general regulations, we must experience it once in 15 days. Every day we need to check and supervise, find problems, and immediately let elevator manufacturers and elevator users handle them. Have these work quality inspection departments done? Is it done?

Finally, ask the property management company, in addition to collecting property management fees, is it in accordance with the "Elevator Use Management and Maintenance Rules", if the safety of the elevator is highly valued, to what extent? Is there any conscious maintenance? Of course, such responsibilities and obligations may not necessarily appear in the contract, but as part of the property, it is reasonable to take some responsibility and strengthen daily inspections. Only in this way can the hidden dangers be eliminated and the elevators can be prevented from eating.

The author believes that the most frequent cause of elevator accidents is that the quality supervision department is derelict rather than the safety of the elevator. If the supervision is in place, how can the unqualified products be installed and used in the factory? Some netizens suggested this: "To really curb the elevator accident, we must first impose heavy fines and huge claims on the enterprises and units responsible for each elevator accident, and establish a low-quality elevator recall system until the responsible person is held criminally responsible; more importantly Yes, it is necessary to establish a strict normal supervision mechanism, always carrying the elevator safety, and can not allow routine inspection and maintenance to flow in the form. Elevator safety has always been part of public safety, not only has someone apologized for compensation, but also someone. Because of the dangers to public safety, they are held accountable."

The above measures must be supported by the relevant departments, written into relevant laws and regulations, and the contents related to the safe use of elevators should be written into the property contract and the elevator use contract, and the relationship of powers and responsibilities should be clearly defined to prevent the emergence of elevator accidents, thus making the public truly Get a solid sense of security.

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