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Passenger elevator failure, the three major escape skills to master
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Now more and more high-rise buildings, people living in high-rise buildings is also increasing every day using the vertical transportation - passenger elevator. Cry elevator frequent incidents recently, take the elevator but also people live in fear, in addition to pray to God to bless, we are not also should have some tricks to escape it?

Elevator Cry constantly staged around

Background information

The evening of October 18, Peninsula · Central Garden sudden loud noise, an elevator malfunction. Is an original cable rupture, resulting in weight loss with the elevator car slid down from the 7th floor between 4--5 layers. Owners simply escaped, no casualties.

Two days later, followed by Shenzhen and issued reports saying Longgang District Longgang Town Center atrium garden fulldistrict elevator accident occurred, one carrying 11 people elevator malfunction occurred in running the way, the last stop on the first floor. Trapped inside the elevator hit the wall using the tool turns dug a hole, then drill a wall to escape a man for help. Accident, but fortunately no casualties.

Before that, located in Jimei District, Xiamen Overseas Chinese University, Xiamen campus, classroom building elevator suddenly fails, although the elevator doors open, but the car did not stop. Caikong a boy kicked, caught in the car was killed.

According to media reports, China has become the country with the world's largest elevator. Daily 2.4 million elevators in operation, more than 500 people on average each has a lift, and about 15 percent annual growth rate. Visible in our daily lives is almost inseparable from the elevator. Then, once the elevator failure, we should know how to take some emergency measures to try to control the degree of injury to a minimum.

Practical tips

Tip 1: Use proper protection posture

Suddenly remembered the "Man vs. Wild", the Bear Grylls escape elevator in failure picture, he taught the recipe spot, may also be more effective.

First, we must not panic, first tried to call for help were crying for help, and then press the emergency button, and try every means to help lift people out.

Secondly, the elevator at the time of fall, should maintain the correct posture to reduce injury. He suggested that the back close to the elevator walls, if there are handrails, grasp the handrail on strengthening protection. But if there is no handrail, you can lie on the floor, and protect your head with arms.

Note: Some people say that the moment of take-off the elevator fell to the ground, can reduce injuries, this approach is absolutely wrong. In addition, because of better protective properties of the car itself, so when the elevator failure, only safer to stay inside the car.

Tip 2: Do not panic encountered failure

Self-help for the elevator problem, Liuzhou Quality and Technical Supervision, a staff member said that most accidents happen in the elevator and out of the elevator, "one must be careful not lift completely stopped." He believes that once the elevator fall occurs, any position can not avoid injury. Just back close above the elevator interior posture, it may be caused by just a little less damage.

But in fact, according to him, the situation in the elevator of life occurs rarely fall. Mostly just a temporary malfunction, "as the same need to restart the computer crash," the elevator down to the ceiling and the need to return to normal, and then to rise again. So, this time must not panic, in order to avoid unnecessary harm to their cause.

Note: The staff also noted that most of the elevator accident was mainly caused by people themselves do not pay attention. Security companies are generally in urban areas after receiving the distress call, the accident must be rushed to the scene within half an hour, and no more than two hours you have to put people and save them, or we need to pursue the security of corporate responsibility. It is very important to remain calm, and other professionals to rescue the best.

Tip 3: Press the button fully unit Floor

According to a project developer said local elevator prone to failure, usually occurs in the new cell. Since the new house decoration cargo, frequent use of the elevator, and even overloaded. So in a short time, lift more serious loss.

Therefore, the above-mentioned persons deemed necessary to do the installation of the elevator maintenance work, "Maybe the elevator with 10 - - 15 years, was forced replacement." In addition, she also said that very few people now understand elevator in case of failure, how to help themselves, "it should be according to all floors, and do not rush out of the car" to ensure that the elevator stop, the car door open, safe escape.

Note: The current state of the elevator has not yet introduced mandatory retirement age standards, only "excessive consumption" and "no maintenance and reconstruction value" of the elevator before mandatory retirement. But the transformation of energy standards and maintenance standards but no express provision, there is a certain degree of difficulty to implement. So long as the regular replacement of defective parts and aging parts, and there is an elevator to send professional companies every 15 days to conduct an inspection as required maintenance, inspection every year, performance indicators in line with national standards, even if more than a certain number of years or you can continue to use. Thus, it has been appealed to the government, for the people's personal safety, should be introduced to lift mandatory retirement age standard as soon as possible.

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