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Escalators and moving walkways site requirements
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A neighboring region escalators and moving walkways requirements

In the escalators and moving walkways entrance, should have adequate flow area to accommodate passengers. The width of the flow area at least equal to the centerline distance between the handrail, handrail its depth dimension from end to end with the steering unit, counting at least 2.5m. If the area increased to more than twice the width of the handrail center distance, its size allows the depth reduced to 2m.

Pedal or tape over the escalator steps or moving walkway vertical clear height of not less than 2.3m. If the obstacle of the building would cause injury time, it should take appropriate precautions. Especially in the floor and all cross punishable crossover settings escalators or moving walkways between the outer cover is provided above should be no sharp edges a vertical anti-collision baffle height of not less than 0.3m. (Except the centerline distance between the handrail and any obstacles between the time not less than 0.5m)

The outer edge of the handrail horizontal distance between walls or other obstacles in any case not less than 80mm, the distance should be maintained to the top of the pedal or automatic tape rung above the escalators and moving walkways at a height of at least 2.1m. Adjacent to each other in parallel or cross set of escalators, the distance between the outer edge of the handrail at least 120mm.

Second, the engine room, driving and steering the space station

Should have a large enough area to stand without any fixed equipment and space in the engine room and steering station, the space area should be at least 0.3m2, its smaller side length of not less than 0.5m.

When the main drive or brake mounted on the steps, pallets or belt passenger between branch and return branch of the work zone should provide an appropriate level based on the platform closer to its area of not less than 0.12m2, the smallest edge size is not less than 0.3m.

Separate room, driving and steering the space station and the fixed control panel (cabinet) before maintenance personnel should enable easy and safe access to all equipment, especially electrical connections. The specific requirements of these spaces as follows:

a, the control panel (cabinet) width (less than 0.5m by 0.5m requirements) is within the range of the front region to have a free space, a depth of 0.8m;

b, the need for moving parts to make the necessary maintenance and inspection of the place should have a bottom area of at least 0.5m × 0.6m free space;

c, leading to the passage of free space, a minimum width of 0.5m, no moving parts in place, allows to reduce the channel width to 0.4m.

Third, lighting

Escalators or moving walkways and its surrounding, especially should have sufficient and appropriate lighting in the vicinity of the comb plate. Mounted in surrounding lighting allows space or mounted on the device itself. In the entrance, the light intensity at the comb plate and illuminance required in the region include consistent. Illumination indoor or outdoor escalators and moving walkways at the entrance or were at least 50LX 15LX.

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