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Passenger elevator safety management
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Passenger elevator as a transportation device itself has a certain degree of risk, but also has the characteristics of its maintenance work and live aerial work operations, so the security must have a strict management system, first elevator safety management to lift the driver, Elevator operators, training safe operation of the elevator managers and elevator maintenance personnel; followed by safety supervision and inspection of the elevator, the elevator always check the safety switch, check whether the switch button reliable operation; the third is for the user's security education and public awareness of the safe use of elevators knowledge.

First: to strengthen the elevator operator training and examination.

1, property companies first elevator operators claim certificates, elevator as a special industry, in accordance with relevant requirements of employees must be certified.

2, establish a reasonable use of the elevator and the elevator maintenance procedures procedures.

3, strengthen training and assessment work.

As a property company, often to strengthen the elevator attendant elevator and elevator entrapment rescue training methods in case of emergency treatment, when an emergency occurs, the elevator attendant should be able to quickly and safely rescued passengers to ensure their personal safety.

Second, the equipment safety inspection and supervision.

For safe operation, the elevator itself in the design and manufacture of a variety of security devices have been set, in use, you must always check the switches, buttons reliability and operational flexibility, regular safety agency action testing and overall performance test. These are clearly defined in the maintenance instructions for use, the key is strictly enforced.

As a property management company, lift safety, but also requires a fireproof, waterproof, anti-theft, earthquake and other measures. For example, the stairs leading to the room should be equipped with fire safety doors, the room should be equipped with burglar alarms and fire extinguishers, should be up and down the line in the engine room, hoistway, pit should be waterproof measures room floor holes should be opened waterproof isolation ring, the inner wall of the well should not have protruding parts to ensure the needs of installation and maintenance of safe operation.

Third, the majority of users to strengthen its elevators safe use rules to ensure that more people can correctly use the elevators.

Elevator as a device, whether it is the property manager, elevator maintenance units often used, must start from the subtle work, and constantly improve their own management system to strengthen, in order to make the elevator run into a virtuous cycle system.

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