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Passenger elevator safety, you know?
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Passenger elevators, as we usually used equipment, everyone is not unfamiliar. But did you know elevators belong special equipment? Your knowledge of elevator safety and whether fully understand?

January 12, Staff Reporter of Quality and Technical Supervision follow the urban part of the supermarket, the district's escalators, vertical elevator were examined, and learned to take the elevator safety related knowledge.

In the morning, testing team first came within the urban area, a large supermarket. Staff by dialing "elevator use flag" marked on telephone, linked to a maintenance staff, said the elevator malfunctioned, want them to deal with as soon as possible.

After about 10 minutes, maintenance personnel came to the scene. Staff said this is in line with the requirements, and once received a phone call to tell each other the first time arrived at the scene. In the inspection of the elevator performance, safety tips, safety barriers, etc., the problem was not found.

Subsequently, the team went to a district within the city, but also call the elevator maintenance calls. Due to maintenance companies based in the district, after receiving the call, maintenance personnel rushed to the scene a few minutes. Also, check the registration of the case residential elevator, regular inspection of safety management personnel as well as contingency plans and so on.

The day of the inspection found no problems, but that does not mean you can relax elevator safety. Rizhao City of Quality and Technical Supervision special equipment safety supervision according to chief of thin Bin told reporters that the elevator is a special device, once the accident, it could have serious consequences, so the elevator safety is very important. It is understood that, according to "People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law", special equipment refers to personal and property safety greater risk of boilers, pressure vessels (including cylinders), pressure pipes, elevators, lifting appliances, passenger ropeways Large recreational facilities, field (plant) within the private motor vehicles.

How can we ensure the safety of the elevator ride it? First thing to note on the elevator safety tips posted signs and strictly adhered to. When riding escalators, must pay attention to hold on to the handrail, to avoid failure to stop the elevator because of inertia and fall suddenly; your feet must tread the yellow line in the area, and to avoid too close to one side; on the line, from rung to toe maintain a certain distance; do not play slapstick on the escalator; not to put items on the armrest; the body does not extend beyond the scope of the escalator. Stop button on the escalator usually can not touch, once the accident, fellow passengers can also press the stop button to shut down the elevator.

City of Quality and Technical Supervision staff, especially reminder: Be sure to pay attention to children traveling escalator safety, child curiosity, like slapstick, but the ability to protect themselves poor, in the elevator may reverse walking, may from between two elevator caught slide, custodial staff must pay attention to these issues, the protection of children's safety.

When vertical elevator ride, not jumping in the elevator; you can not overload to use elevators; stay between the car door and the door is not prohibited rely on the car door or landing door; prohibited by impact, leveraging other ways attempt to open the car door or layer door; when the elevator door open, you can not run your hand or body to block the door, this may lead to collision hazard, the correct approach is consistent with the car running direction pressing the landing call button or car steering compartment open button; the elevator is When a non-secure state expressly forbidden to ride.

If trapped in the elevator, do not panic, generally not safe inside the car enclosed structure, no choking hazard. To use the elevator emergency call device to get in touch with the elevator administrator, or contact with the outside world through communication tools; while waiting for rescue must not force open the elevator door, to prevent falls from a height or injury.

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