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Passenger elevator equipment management
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In the property management industry, the elevator is a tripartite management, property manager (property management company), maintenance units (elevator company) and an elevator user (owner), of course, some property management companies have their own professional maintenance team, But there is a close link between the general operation of the elevator is good with these three. It has for many years been engaged in property management companies experience in elevator maintenance and management, to talk about their feelings and experiences through questions device management and security management in the past few years of practical work encountered, for your reference:

A passenger elevator equipment management

(1), in a real estate civil and renovation project is nearing completion, property management companies prepare stationed when, where acceptance is an important task and protect the customs, the future management and user has a very important meaning, for Elevator takeover is the same for every individual should lift acceptance, property management companies received a lift installation company "took notice" shall immediately organize inspection team, its members should be responsible for the property management business executives and technical staff, Acceptance of the original construction units should have attended, property management companies such as elevator technology, can entrust to the "quality monitoring stations" for acceptance, the acceptance of the first initial inspection, the problems found should agree to install the unit warranty or indemnity agreement Compensation for such agreements must be signed only when the device can occur without major problems.

(2), should be careful to check and acceptance of key parts of the specific technical acceptance criteria according to current national standards, standards.

(3) shall submit a complete inspection of the elevator equipment installation and construction plans, including the use of manual, electrical control schematics and performance testing records.

(4) Other related issues:

First: the warranty period, according to regulations, products in the factory and a half year warranty, quality of the installation within one year warranty, the special requirements of the decision in consultation with the construction unit.

Second: provide elevator wearing parts and spare parts costs.

Both problems can be negotiated and agreed upon at the time of acceptance.

2, repair and maintenance aspects of management

The elevator is a fairly frequent use of the device, lift the entire operation process, the host and the parts are in varying degrees of loss occurs naturally, and good maintenance can reduce loss, improve reliability, ensure safety, to extend the elevator life, save money, make it increase the value. Property management company in the maintenance of the elevator, you can set up yourself a special elevator maintenance team, also commissioned a professional elevator company to manage the community, but must pay attention to the following matters:

(1), lift maintenance organization shall obtain the qualification of quality and technical supervision departments, in order to engage the appropriate repair operations.

(2), in the maintenance and repair work in the elevator safety rules should be strictly enforced.

(3), lift each year by the local inspection department to conduct a safety inspection, in order to continue using.

(4) maintenance time to be fixed, maintenance content to reach the elevator safe use standards, and try to avoid the holiday rush with a ladder and time.

(5), due to failure or planned repairs elevators, should try to shorten the operation time, during maintenance, to ensure personal safety, must carry a warning tag.

3, management and technical archives

Each lift should establish a separate file in the takeover, so that after the elevator maintenance and management are of great help.

(1), Elevator files and raw data: inspection reports, installation contract, electrical schematics, instruction manual, the legacy of the agreement and so on.

(2), the device registration form: lift the log table, performance parameters, the major parts of the model, power and so on.

(3), large, medium and small record sheet, record large, medium and small repair time, frequency, maintenance content.

(4)maintenance information: including maintenance orders, maintenance records table, elevator renovation project to update records.

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