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 Fast elevator mechanic elevator Recruitment


Electricians, fitters, welders, mechanical and electrical maintenance worker, CNC bed operatives and other several.

Job Requirements:

1, serious and positive, hard-working, able to complete tasks in a timely manner; 

2, familiar with the safety-related work practices;

3, more than three years of relevant work experience;

4, the elevator knowledge have a certain understanding;

 Fast elevator lift engineer Recruitment

 job description: 

1, to help complete the new technology elevator electrical system products, serialization, and domestic production design; 

2, non-standard elevator products to help complete electrical system standardization, serialization design; 

3, to help complete electrical systems to optimize the design of the elevator; 

4, assist non-standard elevator electrical system design.

 Job Requirements: 

1, university graduate;

2, more than one year relevant work experience;

3, with professional and technical information collection and analysis capabilities to the preparation of design documents, design information; 

4, familiar with elevator product works, construction and electrical system design;


Fast elevator director of engineering recruitment 

 Number: 1 

Job Description: 

Engineering and technical personnel management and guidance

1. The area of jurisdiction, according to the company's work processes, standards and customer requirements, arrangements for the daily maintenance work and holiday duty. 

2. Monitoring the quality of work within the group engineering and technical personnel, inspection maintenance program completion. 

3. Responsible for installation within the jurisdiction and the transfer of maintenance quality inspection. 

4. keep abreast of the latest product technology and maintenance dynamic, and taught to subordinate engineering and technical personnel.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, mechanical and electrical related field

2. At least three years experience in the elevator installation or maintenance, special industry operation permit holders

3. At least two years of engineering and technical team management experience 

5. excellent training and leadership skills 

6. work initiative, we have passion for work, able to work under pressure 

7. Strong communication and presentation skills, excellent analytical and problem solving skills

Fast elevator recruiting executives

Hiring: 1 person 

job description:

1. More than two years of relevant work experience, familiar with the business administration knowledge, administrative personnel responsible for the overall work, the company involved in the development of administrative systems, improve and refine office management systems and processes;

2. The implementation of the annual plan administration company, control administrative costs, good employees, departments and the communication between the work of subordinates; 

3. To participate in the organization, coordination arrangements the company's various meetings and activities;

4. Management office equipment, office supplies procurement, and ongoing management and distribution, management of public sanitation and safety;

5. A strong sense of responsibility and resilience and strong affinity, good interpersonal communication, coordination, organization, management capability; analysis, problem solving ability, excellent image quality.

6. The implementation of strong, afraid of offending people;

7. The boss can do a bridge of communication with employees, serious and responsible work.

Fast elevator Jobs Warehouse Supervisor

Number: 1 

Job Description:

1, responsible for the overall work of the transaction and warehouse work daily management, coordination between departments and the various departments of;

2, responsible for the formulation and revision of warehouse, shipping and receiving, workflow management system, improve the processes and standard warehouse management; the establishment of a standardized and complete logistics and warehousing operations reports;

3, responsible for warehouse entry, a library, inventory and other operations audit and monitoring; work on the implementation of the tracking system, file and document warehouse receipt at all levels; 

4, the organization of daily warehouse inventory, accounts kind of consistent statements; organize regular physical inventory, so that accounts match the reality. Inventory and analysis reports issued;

5, responsible for the supervision and timely evaluation and treatment of adverse materials and sluggish materials; 

6, warehouse personnel performance evaluation, assessment;

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